What We Believe

Our Vision

Joyfully seeking and sharing God’s Light.

What We Believe

  • We enjoy God and the wonderful light/blessings received through the Spirit. We are here for each other’s sorrows, illnesses, and celebrations.
  • We worship in a sanctuary which is a holy place where God meets us.
  • We sing traditional hymns because they contain words that inspire us, and we sing new songs that draw us closer to God.
  • Children are an important part of our congregation. We hold that they
    Passing the Peace

    Passing the Peace

    belong to God as witnessed in their baptism and are fully loved as part of the Christian community.
  • We recognize our diversity in issues and value the freedom to ask questions and explore life and issues without judgment.
  • We try to keep in mind that we aren’t the center of things -- that center belongs to Jesus Christ.
  • We are more about grace, community, freedom in Christ and loving relationships than doctrine and hard rules.
  • We are here as seekers, uniquely on a spiritual journey of formation and transformation based on our understanding of the Bible.

We invite you to come and be our guests. Be a part of our efforts to reclaim the good news of Jesus and pour out the graciousness, compassion, and joy of God.

Westview is a part of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A.

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